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Q: When will my package arrive to me?
A: I aim to have your package sent out 3-5 business days after the order is placed. Orders come with tracking numbers so you can follow the product(s) being sent to you. Small sticker orders are not assigned tracking numbers, stickers are placed in small envelopes & sent through the post (regarding US territories).


Q: Does my order come with tracking?
A: Yes, an email will be sent to you including your tracking number as soon as the post office recieves your package!


 Q: How will you handle my package?
A: Packages are wrapped safely in different materials depending on the size & nature of your order. Most are sent in water-proof mailers. All orders with art prints are sent in rigid mailers to ensure your print stays in the best shape while traveling. Art prints are secured with chip boards, protective plastic sleeves, all in rigid mailers that are made from recycled materials by supplier. When I can, I do use repurposed materials I have collected. I use old plastic, boxes, & other packaging products to make sure your products get to you sustainably & safely. Producing goods comes with lots of waste but I try to limit my carbon footprint as best as I can.


Q: How do I care for my screen-printed goods?
A: I have already properly heat-set the ink used to print your clothing item. You are able to wash & dry normally!