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medicine through the seasons written by katie jo


‘Medicine Through The Seasons’ written by local herbalist, Katie Jo of Woven Apothecary & illustrated by Madison Memering.

Harvest, Forage and Connect with medicinal and edible plants throughout each season! This book looks at the loving connection between plants and humans as we cycle through each season. Every season has virtues to teach us as well as provides medicinal wild plants to support us. In this book you will find wisdom and insight throughout each season and how we can connect deeper with the land and the plants around us. You will find guidelines for harvesting, foraging and the importance of bioregional herbalism and gathering within the seasons.

Within the pages you will find beautiful botanical illustrations of common wild medicinal plants that can be found within your local ecosystem. This book covers in depth monographs and information of medicinal and useful plants that are easy to find and identify from Spring - Winter;  such as Dandelion, Violet, Wild Leeks, Yarrow, St. John's Wort, Bee Balm, Mullein, Turkey Tail, Burdock root, Goldenrod, White Pine, Juniper and so many more!!

This book is for people who want to develop a deeper connection to the earth and the land around them by getting to know common plants and how we can use them as food and medicine!

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